Welcome KUSD Staff

Welcome to Cybersecurity Phishing Essentials at KUSD

The Kayenta Unified School District (KUSD) is increasing its focus on cybersecurity to improve its preparedness to handle cyber events and prevent incidents in the first place. With the growth of technologies across our campus to provide student services, classroom instruction, and access to information, we must do more to ensure that our systems and data remain available and the sensitive data of our employees and students is kept confidential.

Every employee is responsible for securely handling, storing, transmitting, and destroying sensitive data in accordance with KUSD polices, processes, and procedures. Sensitive data includes electronic and hard copies of personally identifiable information (full name, email address, date of birth, address, and parent names), educational records, health information, financial records, and even technical information such as IP addresses, geographic location, and demographic information. Failure to comply with federal and state data privacy and security regulations can result in penalties, lawsuits, and loss of benefits.

Cybersecurity safeguards ensure that the technology used to deliver classroom instruction, maintain operations, and communicate inside and outside our campus remain available. Because technology is critical for KUSD to achieve its organizational goals, KUSD asks all employees to remain vigilant of fraud, schemes, and phishing campaigns. KUSD has enlisted the expertise of HOZHO Cybersecurity to help improve the cybersecurity posture of KUSD starting with this phishing essentials training course.

We are delighted to embark on this cybersecurity journey with you. With your help, we can ensure our preparedness to handle unexpected cyber events while also ensuring our students continue to learn and prepare for the future.

Fernando Begay                                            RJ Huskey
IT Coordinator                                               Cybersecurity Consultant
Kayenta Unified School District                   HOZHO Cybersecurity, LLC.