Cybersecurity Leadership for Managers and Business Owners

Our education is customizable and scalable to the needs of your business.  We provide online, in-person, and hybrid options. We understand that cybersecurity is complex, so we design our education to be appropriate for technical and non-technical audiences.

The value of education is priceless and protects your professional reputation

  • Build and maintain customer trust
  • Compete in higher dollar engagements
  • Earn respect amongst your peers
  • Maintain contract compliance
  • Protect your financial assets

And if you’re a business that has already experienced a cyberattack, investing in education will go a long way to help rebuild your trust and win back customers.

Avoid costly legal, financial, and operational missteps

Senior leadership and business owners are held to a higher legal standard for implementing and maintaining cybersecurity practices to protect, detect, and correct sensitive consumer and business data.

Because cybersecurity involves every aspect of an organization, enabling  senior leaders with cybersecurity knowledge will help them make the right decisions to keep your business moving forward.

Target Audience

  • Board of Directors
  • C-Level (CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, COO, CISO, etc.)
  • Presidents, vice presidents, and directors
  • In-house legal counsel
  • Business Owners (LLC, PLLC, etc.)


  • Acquiring and maintaining cybersecurity insurance
  • Business relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • Board of Director obligations on establishing cybersecurity controls
  • Cloud-based software (SaaS) and services (Everything as a Service (XaaS))
  • Criminal activity on corporate networks
  • Crisis management handling of Data Breaches and other cyber events
  • Financial sanctions and handling ransom or extortion demands
  • Insider threats from employees, contractors, and other trusted parties
  • Maintaining business continuity and recovering from a major disaster
  • Mitigating financial, insurance, and legal risk
  • Personal liability for senior managers
  • Recognized industry frameworks used to implement internal controls
  • Regulatory reporting and notifications to the state and federal government
  • Safeguarding sensitive data
  • Social engineering of leadership and employees with phishing, scams, and advanced techniques
  • Voluntary Self Disclosures, regulatory enforcement, and aggravating vs. mitigating factors

Don’t wait on a major cybersecurity attack to invest in your leadership. Cyberattacks cannot be stopped but the severity and duration of an attack can be mitigated.

Before investing in expensive network security appliances, buying too little or too much insurance, or piecemealing cybersecurity tools, we highly recommend that senior leadership receives appropriate training on cybersecurity.

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