New Ransom Attack Using Social Media Targets Restaurants

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 | RJ Huskey, HOZHO Cybersecurity

Restaurants struggling across the nation are now being targeted in a new ransom campaign making its way across the nation.  The campaign is simple, leave negative reviews on a restaurant’s social media pages and extort the business for money or gift cards to remove the negative reviews.  Reviews that are posted by consumers on business pages cannot be removed by the business owners.  Social media providers such as Yelp and Google offer some relief to remove bad reviews but current policies do not address extortion. As a result, restaurants will face the lingering effects of a damaged reputation or pay the ransom.

With the growth of ransom attacks, all businesses – regardless of size – are advised to anticipate threats and to have an incident response plan in place.  Your incident response plan should include the policies, processes, and procedures to deal with ransom attacks in addition to other cyber related attacks.  HOZHO Cybersecurity can assist your business with putting a plan into place.  Please contact us for additional information. 

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